Product Version

FULL - Full Version Retail
A Full Version of the software is all that is needed to install and activate a product (if a keycode or serial number is required, it will be included in the packaging). To read the differences between OEM and FULL, please read the OEM description.   

UPG:  Upgrade Version
An upgrade version of software means that you are a previous user of that exact program, or you are a previous user of a qualifying product that is identified from the manufacturer. In order to install this piece of software, you will need to have the previous version or qualifying product already installed on your system, otherwise the software package will not load.

OEM - Original Equipment Manufacturer
OEM software is a full install version (cannot be used as an upgrade) of the software.  The software runs exactly the same way as the full retail version (including automatic updates). The differences between OEM Vs FULL are: 
1.  OEM does not come in retail packaging.
2.  OEM is always licensed for only one computer.
3.  OEM is not transferable. Once you activate it on a computer, the software cannot be transferred over to another computer, even if the original computer breaks.
4.  Manufacturers do not supply free technical support or installation support for OEM.

CDO - CD Only:
CD Only does not come with the retail or OEM packaging. Product keycodes are included if the software requires a keycode. CD Only software does not include any technical support. CD Only cannot be used as an upgrade. You can register the software online, and print the manuals from the software's "help me file." This version is not eligible for any rebates.

LIC - License Only:
When you buy a license only, you are buying the right to install that software on one computer per license. A license DOES NOT include any discs or media.  License only is merely a certificate which represents legal permission from the software maker.

OLP - Open License:
Open license is an electronic software license registered to a specific end user. This type of license is delivered electronically via email. Licensing is typically emailed in 3-5 business days and there is no way to expedite processing. Media is not included and must be ordered separately.

RFRB - Refurbished:
Factory Refurbished products have been returned to an authorized factory service center and restored to meet manufacturer quality standards. These products are guaranteed to work like new.